Thrift Store Love

Many that  know me personally, know I have been thrift shopping for years and years.  Here are just some of the reasons I LOVE thrift stores:


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1.  I can afford pretty much anything I want in the store.  That doesn’t happen often 😉

2.  After you cut the tags off a “brand new” garment, you have a “used” garment – just like a thrift store item, only with the new item, you’ve paid about 75% more than at a thrift store.  j

3.  Most of the thrift stores in my area are run by charitable organizations such as Salvation Army,  Humane Society, various churches, etc.   An organization in my town called Providence Mission provides drug rehab, homeless shelter, religious services, etc.  I can feel very good about my purchase when I shop at these places.

Do I worry about cleanliness?  Nope, I wash unless I have an emergency.  Once, I forgot to bring a jacket to work and the temperature in our town dropped over 20 degrees during the day.  I was scheduled to be an outside greeter at church, so I went by Providence Mission and got a light jacket.  All was fine.  Another time, Mr. Picky came home from work wearing a shirt I “knew” he wasn’t wearing when he left home, and he didn’t own (that was a weird feeling) ;-).  He explained that he found out he had to give a plant tour for some fancy pants folks, and needed to dress more professionally than he was.

Different thrift stores are set up differently; they have different specials, hours, organization of items, etc.

And don’t worry at all about sizes.  I’ve been as many sizes as Oprah (honestly) 😉  and I’m unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I’m in an “up” mode.  I have always been successful finding clothing for myself.

Enjoy thrift shopping – do good and get good!