Television History in Ringgold, Georgia

A few weeks ago, Mr. Picky and I had the opportunity to sell our antiques and collectables at Ringgold Feed and Seed (antique mall) during the Ringgold Junk Market.  I was worried that our friends and family would think we had fallen on hard times, but I actually wanted an opportunity to see something I found impossible to resist…

photo (3)

Deep discussion of potential purchase

Great American County TV had chosen the RFS to film an episode of “Endless Yard Sale”.  The concept of the show is that 3 teams are given $$$, they shop with the intent of getting the best bargain for their money, the goods are appraised and prize money is given – this happens three different times during each episode and the winner (with the best profit margin) gets a cash price.


photo (4)

Discussion with show producer about how to shop the show

Here are my unsolicited observations of the filming of this television show:


  1. To be a contestant on the show, you must be very young and very attractive.
  2. To be employed on this show, you must be very young and very attractive.
  3. Even though 6 hours were allowed to film this show (I found this out by talking with the RFS owner), everyone seemed to be in a terrible hurry.
  4. Antique signs must be much more popular than I ever realized.  I was chatting with another curious bystander and he asked me, “Have you ever seen these signs in someone’s home?”  I had to tel him the only place I’ve seen them is in Cracker Barrel.

So, next time you go to Cracker Barrel, look around for something you might have seen in this post.

If you’ve ever watched a television show being filmed, what are your thoughts?  Please comment and have a lovely day!