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One of our (Mr. Picky and myself) favorite weekend activities is estate sale shopping.  In our area, estate sale shopping is going into a home (owners are deceased or not present)  and the entire contents of the home is sold…everything.  You buy clothing, household goods, cars, boats; anything the homeowner owns and the family chooses not to keep.  We have bought ordinary things such as Tupperware, but also special treasures such as war rations and love letters from one family member to another.  Many folks shop these houses for their antique mall booth or ebay (I always wondered where they got their stuff), but unless I buy it with the purpose of a gift, I have no intentions of getting rid of it – yet 😉

We use this internet site to find sales.  We have even used this site on vacation and scored some great deals at out of town estate sales.

I have treasures from total strangers and now deceased family friends.  Mr. Picky seems to gravitate towards the unusual – here is one of his favorites:

photo (17)

This is apparently a personal size, hand crank ice cream maker.  I put it beside a bottle of water to show you how small it is.  While we have not used it (and won’t) we enjoy the cuteness factor.

Mine lean towards the practical such as kitchen linens (I have a wonderful collection of embroidered towels and I use them daily), clothing, kitchen tools, and things that make me laugh…while I didn’t get a picture of the gifted vintage squirt guns with a box lid caption “For the Happy Couple” with a bride and groom on the top, this is another treasure that makes me smile:

photo (1)


“We get too soon old and too late smart” 😉  I sure hope not.  Happy frugal shopping –

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