Cheap and Easy Baby Gift

My “love language” is gifts – I keep a gift closet filled with various baby and wedding gifts.  This 42 count newborn diaper deal is sweet – a four dollar coupon applied at checkout makes this a GREAT DEAL!  

I think these are great diapers because:

1. These diapers have a “color changing indicator”,

2. They contain hypoallergenic liner with Vitamin E & aloe,

3. The umbilical cord cut-out for baby’s protection and comfort.

4. They are cheap!  $3.50 cents for a gift ALL new parents need!

***(Please note this is an Add-On item and needs to be included in an order of $25 or more)***.


Purchasing through this link enables us to provide our staff with the dog treats they so richly desire 😉  Have a fun and frugal day!

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