Here’s a cheap and easy meal idea

With time and money being in short supply, I rely on my fast and favorite “eat at home” meals.  One of my favorites I call Shepherd’s Pie.  While I am working on getting more vegetables in this meal, I can sneak in a can of mixed vegetables and my Mr. Picky does not complain.


  1. one pound cooked and drained ground beef (I microwave the log of meat and chop it with my stand mixer).
  2. One can mixed vegetables, drained well      photo
  3. one cube beef bullion, mixed with a little water and microwaved for one minute until diluted
  4. cooked potatoes, usually one per person
  5. additions to the potatoes when mashing: cheese (any kind), milk or cream, seasonings, butter, etc.  to please your family.  I add an egg to give it more “poof”   photo (1)


Follow steps 1 to 3.  In a separate bowl, complete 4 and 5.  Layer potato mixture on tip of meat/vegetable mixture and bake until golden (2)


I would add another vegetable to round this out, and maybe a nice baked apple.  What’s your go to cheap and easy meal idea?  Please share!

Happy Holidays to everyone!