Television History in Ringgold, Georgia

A few weeks ago, Mr. Picky and I had the opportunity to sell our antiques and collectables at Ringgold Feed and Seed (antique mall) during the Ringgold Junk Market.  I was worried that our friends and family would think we had fallen on hard times, but I actually wanted an opportunity to see something I found impossible to resist…

photo (3)

Deep discussion of potential purchase

Great American County TV had chosen the RFS to film an episode of “Endless Yard Sale”.  The concept of the show is that 3 teams are given $$$, they shop with the intent of getting the best bargain for their money, the goods are appraised and prize money is given – this happens three different times during each episode and the winner (with the best profit margin) gets a cash price.


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Discussion with show producer about how to shop the show

Here are my unsolicited observations of the filming of this television show:


  1. To be a contestant on the show, you must be very young and very attractive.
  2. To be employed on this show, you must be very young and very attractive.
  3. Even though 6 hours were allowed to film this show (I found this out by talking with the RFS owner), everyone seemed to be in a terrible hurry.
  4. Antique signs must be much more popular than I ever realized.  I was chatting with another curious bystander and he asked me, “Have you ever seen these signs in someone’s home?”  I had to tel him the only place I’ve seen them is in Cracker Barrel.

So, next time you go to Cracker Barrel, look around for something you might have seen in this post.

If you’ve ever watched a television show being filmed, what are your thoughts?  Please comment and have a lovely day!

How the frugal shop

One of our (Mr. Picky and myself) favorite weekend activities is estate sale shopping.  In our area, estate sale shopping is going into a home (owners are deceased or not present)  and the entire contents of the home is sold…everything.  You buy clothing, household goods, cars, boats; anything the homeowner owns and the family chooses not to keep.  We have bought ordinary things such as Tupperware, but also special treasures such as war rations and love letters from one family member to another.  Many folks shop these houses for their antique mall booth or ebay (I always wondered where they got their stuff), but unless I buy it with the purpose of a gift, I have no intentions of getting rid of it – yet 😉

We use this internet site to find sales.  We have even used this site on vacation and scored some great deals at out of town estate sales.

I have treasures from total strangers and now deceased family friends.  Mr. Picky seems to gravitate towards the unusual – here is one of his favorites:

photo (17)

This is apparently a personal size, hand crank ice cream maker.  I put it beside a bottle of water to show you how small it is.  While we have not used it (and won’t) we enjoy the cuteness factor.

Mine lean towards the practical such as kitchen linens (I have a wonderful collection of embroidered towels and I use them daily), clothing, kitchen tools, and things that make me laugh…while I didn’t get a picture of the gifted vintage squirt guns with a box lid caption “For the Happy Couple” with a bride and groom on the top, this is another treasure that makes me smile:

photo (1)


“We get too soon old and too late smart” 😉  I sure hope not.  Happy frugal shopping –

Thrift Store Love

Many that  know me personally, know I have been thrift shopping for years and years.  Here are just some of the reasons I LOVE thrift stores:


PART_1432640214545 (2)jeans (1)

1.  I can afford pretty much anything I want in the store.  That doesn’t happen often 😉

2.  After you cut the tags off a “brand new” garment, you have a “used” garment – just like a thrift store item, only with the new item, you’ve paid about 75% more than at a thrift store.  j

3.  Most of the thrift stores in my area are run by charitable organizations such as Salvation Army,  Humane Society, various churches, etc.   An organization in my town called Providence Mission provides drug rehab, homeless shelter, religious services, etc.  I can feel very good about my purchase when I shop at these places.

Do I worry about cleanliness?  Nope, I wash unless I have an emergency.  Once, I forgot to bring a jacket to work and the temperature in our town dropped over 20 degrees during the day.  I was scheduled to be an outside greeter at church, so I went by Providence Mission and got a light jacket.  All was fine.  Another time, Mr. Picky came home from work wearing a shirt I “knew” he wasn’t wearing when he left home, and he didn’t own (that was a weird feeling) ;-).  He explained that he found out he had to give a plant tour for some fancy pants folks, and needed to dress more professionally than he was.

Different thrift stores are set up differently; they have different specials, hours, organization of items, etc.

And don’t worry at all about sizes.  I’ve been as many sizes as Oprah (honestly) 😉  and I’m unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I’m in an “up” mode.  I have always been successful finding clothing for myself.

Enjoy thrift shopping – do good and get good!

Need to save money on laundry? I have your frugal fix!

Twenty One years ago, we moved to a house with well water.  I became very interested in the products I used because I would be putting them down the drain, into the ground and on/in my body.  I became very interested in toxic and unnecessary chemicals in our products.


I’ve been making laundry detergent for years, both liquid and powder.  My girl friends have convinced me I should add this product to our line of bath and body products at Centsable Scents (both liquid and bar soap, shampoo and colognes).  This detergent is low suds and fine for HE washers.  I’m “very” interested in your needs:  liquid or powder; scented or unscented and anything else you want me to know you better serve you.  Please comment, I look forward to hearing from you!

Cheap and Easy Baby Gift

My “love language” is gifts – I keep a gift closet filled with various baby and wedding gifts.  This 42 count newborn diaper deal is sweet – a four dollar coupon applied at checkout makes this a GREAT DEAL!  

I think these are great diapers because:

1. These diapers have a “color changing indicator”,

2. They contain hypoallergenic liner with Vitamin E & aloe,

3. The umbilical cord cut-out for baby’s protection and comfort.

4. They are cheap!  $3.50 cents for a gift ALL new parents need!

***(Please note this is an Add-On item and needs to be included in an order of $25 or more)***.


Purchasing through this link enables us to provide our staff with the dog treats they so richly desire 😉  Have a fun and frugal day!

Have shedding problems from your pet? Here’s a quick and easy fix!

Please meet our blog staff assistants, Chicken and Pig.  Chicken’s resume includes poking people with her nose for dog treats and barking from a safe distance.  Pig’s gifts and talents include sleeping, and making sounds like the Tasmanian Devil.


photo (11)


While these skills aren’t highly valued in the blogging world, as start up bloggers we are unable to pay competitive salaries so we take the staff we can afford.  One gift they excel in is shedding – they do that “extremely” well.  We have purchased one of the many grooming tools available on Amazon.  Please consider purchasing through this link as we receive monetary compensation from your purchase.

photo (12)


This is just from Pig.  Anyone need a start to a wig?  I hope everyone has a fun and frugal day!

Welcome to “Bits From Betsy”!

As you see, my name is Betsy and this is my blog. My goal is to share bits of information to make our lives easier and more FUN!. My focus will be on improving our lives through tips on saving time, saving money and having fun!   I live in North Georgia with my husband Gary (aka Mr. Picky) and 2 very spoiled rescue dogs, Chicken and Pig.

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They came to us from the animal shelter with other names but their personalities overruled. We live out in the country and enjoy a fun and frugal lifestyle. I am a former early ed teacher who truly believes “a bend in the road is not the end of the road”.  I invite you to come along with me on this journey to a healthy and happy life.